If you are looking to clear your land, but can’t decide between traditional land clearing or forestry mulching in Ellijay GA, you have come to the right place. Located in the state of Georgia, Ellijay is a mountain town famously known as Georgia’s Apple Capital due to its beautiful apple orchards. It is truly a paradise for outdoor lovers because of its lush greenery and adventurous hiking trails. Over the years, this city has attracted many people to invest in its land and construct on it. But to do so, the land must be cleared first.

Forestry Mulching Ellijay GA - Forestry Mulching Machine

Forestry mulching is a modern-day land clearing method. It involves the use of a single machine that cuts off, grinds, and removes vegetation. It does this by using a rotary drum that is fitted with blades or steel chipping tools to cut vegetation.

Traditional land clearing methods can be divided into four categories.

1.      Grubbing: manual removal of roots from the ground

2.      Dozing: removal of undesirable vegetation using chain saws or bulldozers

3.      Burning: clearing land by burning off the trees and other vegetation

4.      Hand Clearing: manual removal of leaves and tinier branches that are within hand’s reach

Forestry Mulching Ellijay GA - Traditional Land Clearing

Traditional Land Clearing Vs Forestry Mulching Ellijay GA

Traditional land clearing methods include a multitude of grueling steps. It requires the use of bulldozers, excavators, and hauling trucks. Furthermore, this process shifts and ruins the topsoil layer. Soil compaction occurs due to elevated ground pressure. As a result, drastic measures (catch basins and silt fencing) need to be taken to minimize erosion. This process is also incredibly weather dependent. Burning, hauling, and chipping are necessary when utilizing traditional land clearing methods. Often, this leaves behind brush piles and windrows. On top of this, it decreases soil fertility, removes biomass, and causes harm to surrounding vegetation and trees. To put it simply, traditional land clearing is expensive and unsustainable and the sight left at the end is not an appealing one.

Forestry mulching in Ellijay GA, on the other hand, is a very straightforward, single-step approach and only requires the use of a single piece of machinery. This method does not affect the topsoil layer negatively. As a matter of fact, forestry mulching builds and preserves the topsoil layer. Soil composition is preserved thanks to low ground pressure.  Forestry mulching Ellijay GA is not affected by weather, be it wet or snowy. Biomass is recycled and soil fertility is maintained. The whole process is selective, aesthetic, sustainable, and most importantly, less costly than traditional land clearing methods. 

Forestry Mulching - Land Clearing Excavator

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